Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bearing Down!

Well folks, if Sharon is going to blow the dust off the keys I guess I can too!  This is a spring storm that I was driving into a couple months ago. I am just amazed at the clarity at which my cell phone takes pictures. I did not have my camera with me because I was at work,  when I took this. This is a Mennonite farm here...I don't know these people but I thought I would blow it up into a poster size picture and offer it to them in a nice frame.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sweet Smells!

Since we are talking about lilac's here is my story.
A man at work today brought me some from his house( he just lives right beside the shop).  He remembered from last year I guess when  I said I  really liked the spring lilacs. So I put it in some water and enjoyed the WONDERFUL perfume alllll night long as I sat here at the computer and did my work :)))))))))) 

Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday Flowers !!

How about these spring flowers?!
Pam's birthday was this week and her daughter sent her these flowers. I just had to take a picture of them they are so pretty, and just make you happy to look at them :)

Yippe is't finally getting warm, I'm soooo happy!!!!  My hands and feet and nose have been cold for months now. I would love to run outside without putting on sooo many layers :/
  I haven't had even one little peep from my flowers yet, I thought for sure they would have been sticking their little heads up by now. I will have more sun out behind our place this year because a HUGE tree was cut down this winter right beside us, so maybe I can have more flowers this year!
  The chickens are ready for some green stuff too.
The birds must have come out of winter hungry, because they are emptying the bird feeders daily now, there was even a crow out there the other day and he took my suet and flew off with it!!  I found some venison  suet that we had put in the freezer a couple years ago and we melted it down and mixed some seeds in it and made some homemade suit cakes. The birds dove right in.  It may be more cost effective to buy them because it took 2 hours to melt it all down on the stove, but it was fun making them.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Easter!!

Just because nobody  has put anything much on here for awhile, just thought I would wish everyone a Happy Easter, and for all of us to remember with out Jesus going to the cross and taking all that for us none of us would be here today. So we should tell him how thankful we are for what He did for us...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Window Seat!

Here is a picture I took out the window of the little puddle jumper. The scene was just breathtaking and this picture doesn't do it justice. I was glued to the window and every time I took a picture some people would turn around and look at me. Maybe they are used to it, I would never take all that for gran it. Every where I was on a plane the first thing people did was go to sleep, and never looked out the window!! Something is the matter with them for sure! I didn't sleep on any of the flights, I was like a little kid-might miss something if I went to sleep :)
Sunrise picture, we drove up on the hill behind April's house for some pictures, the snow was up to the bottom of the road signs!
Good thing we had someone with us that knew what to do!!
Jeana and Joel, he thought it was the funest thing to through rock ad make them splash!
Some of the local resdents, hanging around :)
No chance of getting sun burned on this beach!